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Increase security measures within the hospital

  1. Harness Solutions’ technology allows hospitals to monitor and track unauthorized persons, restrict access to drugs, pediatrics and other high-threat areas only to authorized staff
  2. Facilitate triage processes by restricting access to authorized staff and “approved” patients during medical emergencies, epidemics, terrorist threats and other times when demands could threaten the hospital’s ability to effectively deliver services

Monitor high-value assets

  1. Track the location of doctors and nurses throughout the facility
  2. Maintain current location of mobile equipment and other expensive and critical instruments, samples and equipment

Better serve patients

  1. Continuously track each patient’s location
  2. Access patient information through a PDA, tablet pc or laptop/desktop computer
  3. Easily locate equipment, improving response times for care
  4. Secure patients by automating locking of doors and alarms or electronic notifications

Increase inventory management

Quickly, accurately and securely maintain blood product records and pharmaceutical inventory

  • Enables safety and quicker response rates to critical events
  • Automatic verification
  • Reduced time to locate assets