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Life Sciences

Is your compliance status at risk for expired reagents?

Harness RISCCTM is an auto-identification solution for managing and tracking reagents, biochemicals, and standards expiry dates. Even with tight QC procedures the management of expired reagent inventories is a manual task susceptible to human error. Harness RISCCTM automates the process and includes comprehensive reporting and alerting tools for monitoring and forecasting regulatory compliance status. Highly configurable, the solution is tailored to match your QC process needs.


Are your lab associates spending too much time on non-research related tasks?

When lab inventory or documents are misplaced, time is lost manually searching and lab productivity falls. Harness RISCC’sTM search and locate feature enables tagged items to be effortlessly found even if they are out of sight. Increase lab associates productivity by approximately 20 percent and improve morale in your work environment with reduced time consumed for nonproductive overhead.


Need a way to better satisfy E-Pedigree requirements?

Harness RISCCTM enables item-level serialization for capturing critical information about a product and tracking a product’s chain-of-custody through the supply chain. Item-level serialization combined with Harness RISCCTM enables better supply chain visibility reducing drug counterfeiting and improving business performance.