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Manufacturing & Distribution

Experiencing shrinkage due to lost inventory?

With Harness RIIMTM, as you walk into your warehouse you are able to locate items within minutes. Misplaced inventory is no longer “lost,” and the use of our HandHeld Software eliminates human intervention. No line of sight is needed in order to locate items.


Trying to find a better, faster way to take physical inventory?

To take inventory, an employee can simply walk or ride through the facility with a handheld/mobile RFID reader eliminating the need to visualize the asset, locate bar code and scan them individually. Our HandHeld Software has a read range of up to 300 feet.


Are out-of-date inventory levels costing you sales?

Now that you can quickly scan items within minutes and increase your company’s inventory accuracy levels, you are able to present accurate, up-to-date data on your current inventory. Real time inventory information can improve capital investment visibility.


Looking to track high-value assets in real time?

Harness RIIMTM will immediately identify and monitor the current position of high-value assets. Know where your employees, inventory and corporate resources are at any point in time with our real time locating system.


Want a surefire way to prevent counterfeiting?

You will now have the ability to track your inventory throughout its journey along the supply chain. RFID “fingerprint” capabilities attach to your inventory strengthening the infrastructure of security surrounding your product.