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VerGo Integrates New Solution for Tracking Compliance Dates

(Goa, India) – December 12, 2011 – Reagent expiry dates and lab instrument calibration dates are a common compliance concern driving Quality Control departments to employ considerable resources among the pharmaceutical industry. VerGo Pharma Research proves to be an innovative leader by incorporating Harness RISCC RFID software into their business practices this month.

Harness RISCC increases GXP Compliance levels by proactively identifying potential quality non-compliance events. The software is CFR 21 compliant, and sends automated event based alerts, notifications and reports proactively. With the automated Quality Control function, VerGo will now be able to achieve higher levels of productivity with greater confidence.

”We are very excited to work with VerGo Pharma,” states Manish Mandelia, President and CEO of Harness Solutions. “Dr. Borkar has a value for technology that combined with his innovative viewpoint will allow Harness RISCC to be used beyond its current capabilities.”

VerGo Pharma Research: VerGo Pharma Research strives to be a global leading research laboratory for the pharmaceutical industry. VerGo provides comprehensive analytical services in chemistry to a broad spectrum of clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries. Their Goa facility is 30,000 square feet of space equipped with state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation. VerGo sets high standards for their employees ensuring that they provide value-added service to their clients.

Harness Solutions, Inc.: Harness Solutions, Inc. aims to be a turnkey partner for their customers by offering auto-identification solutions through complete hardware and software products. Through Harness RISCC and Harness RIIM, Harness Solutions, Inc. delivers highly customizable “out of the box” solutions to address a wide array of regulatory compliance, inventory management, and supply chain challenges.

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