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Harness RIIMTM

Harness ‘RFID Inventory Management’(Harness RIIMTM) is a software solution built from the ground up and is comprised of the latest technology. Using RFID capabilities, smart labels and a user-friendly dashboard, Harness RIIMTM provides solutions that enable productivity and efficiency gains.

Harness RIIMTM is available for use by industries within the supply chain, including manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and retail. Harness RIIMTM allows users to track inventory in real time with a zero percent error rate.

The fully automated processes of Harness RIIMTM are designed to ensure safety, accuracy and timeliness surrounding daily activities within the supply chain. The automated serialization and tracking enables companies to take physical count of large quantities in minutes with minimal human intervention. One of the many features provided by Harness RIIMTM is the complete integration of the software by Harness Solutions to ensure your company is able to see results immediately.

  • Average payback period of 8 months
  • Achieve up to 152% return on investment
  • Reduce shrinkage effects by 80%
  • Easily search and locate inventory
  • Increase your company valuation
  • Automate perpetual inventory counts
  • Reduce cycle counting time up to 96%
  • Improve inventory accuracy up to 99%
  • Inventory counts are automatically communicated to your inventory control system



Harness RIIMTM Brochure