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Solutions Overview

Harness’ portfolio of solutions increases regulatory compliance levels, as well as supply chain visibility, through automated and faster material and asset “identification.” We complement your existing inventory systems and integrate easily with them. Our skilled team of experts also provides complete turn-key products that can be easily customized for any stage of the process.

Our solutions can help your organization reduce costs through increased efficiencies and improved operations by reducing human error, increasing speed and allowing you to focus humans on higher value functions. At the highest level we enable customers to answer the following questions:

  • In addition to my lab, is my entire organization in compliance with US FDA quality standards?
  • What are my real-time inventory levels, and have I minimized Inventory Carrying Costs?
  • What are the real-time locations of my materials/assets?


How can we benefit?

While there are many benefits to our Harness RISCCTM and Harness RIIMTM solutions, there are five fundamental aspects that will help you to better manage your business.

  1. Inventory Management is critical in maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) by preventing inventory shrinkage and reducing ICC (Inventory Carrying Cost).
  2. Compliance Management confirms that your standards, instruments, biochemical and reagent expiry dates are current. 100% automation and auditability with compliance and exception management that is attained through comprehensive reporting and alerting tools.
  3. Distribution Management is made more efficient through visibility and accountability throughout your supply chain. At any given time, you can see who has your specific material(s) or asset(s), where it is in the supply chain and when it was dispatched or received.
  4. Document Management identifies, tracks, and locates missing documents with configurable notification events and recipients. An efficient management tool to maintain your documents and enable your staff to focus on core responsibilities.
  5. Search capabilities enable you to “find the needle in the haystack.” By allowing you to search large quantities in minutes, your inventory and documents will remain current.


Why should we use Harness Solutions?

Harness provides “out of the box” solutions designed from the ground up, allowing you to maximize your TIME TO MARKET with us.

We have worked with industry executives and experts to understand the business, financial, regulatory and system environments and constraints they face. We are CFR 21 Part 11 ready for highly regulated settings, enabling us to integrate or customize our products for you with high levels of efficiency ensuring the best service possible.

The results are solutions that drive quick realizable financial value for YOU, are easy to implement, and work within the framework of the existing environments.